Lead Dust Wipe Sampling

Lead Dust Wipe Clearance Testing

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Lead soil sample

Lead dust wipe clearance testing happens after a renovation / lead abatement is completed or to check for any existing lead hazards.

Post lead abatement or lead removal work dust wipe sampling is designed to ensure that lead safety procedures were properly conducted while doing the work. There are three main steps when doing lead clearance testing that includes:

  • Before any lead wipe is applied, there is a visual inspection for dust. If dust is spotted, it’s considered an automatic fail.
  • Next a collection of dust samples are taken in all rooms where lead removal or lead abatement was performed to ensure that the correct clean up and work procedures have been followed at the location.
  • The lead dust samples are then sent to an accredited lab for examination. These tests show the amount of lead dust present and compare those results to federal or state guidelines.

Lead Dust Wipe Samples are also done as part of a lead risk assessment

When it comes to lead in soil, many of the soil analysis methods used are very similar. So, if you need to learn more about clearance testing, or you require an inspector for your location, contact AAA Lead Professionals. We handle lead dust wipe clearance testing for New Jersey and New York City, so call or email us today.