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Lead risk assessment
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A Lead Risk Assessment from AAA Lead Professionals is performed for two main reasons:1. When you’re ordered to do so by the housing authority (HPD, HUD, BHI, etc.) or

2. When you would like to determine if your home is safe or after lead in your home (or on your property) has been detected and you would like to determine the risk you have to your health and the health of your loved ones due to the lead based paint

This can be a stressful period; a time that’s full of fearful questions like, “What happens now?” That’s why it’s important the lead risk assessment team you pick understands these hurdles and provides you affordable, real-world solutions.

Lead Risk Assessment: How Does It Work?

The tests conducted follow the strict guidelines that HUD has established. However, while the rules might be stringent, the results of your personal lead risk assessment will be easy for you to understand. For example, there are EPA lead paint procedures that must be adhered to on your property. Once your risk assessment report is complete, you’ll be given a plan of recommendations. This practical and economical plan will address the lead hazards that need attention. While it’s important to be safe, there’s no reason you can’t find the best cost effective solutions.

Keep in mind too that most lead issues are from lead-based paint. So any condition that causes the lead to be exposed, like deteriorating paint, paint dust, seepage to soil, etc. – can have adverse and lasting health effects. This is why following your Lead Risk Assessment recommendations are so important. Once these recommendations are completed, it’s imperative to do a wet wipe, lead dust sample, of your contaminated areas to ensure all your lead dust has been removed and the property is no longer a hazard.

Better health starts with a call to AAA Lead Professionals. If you’re concerned about the possible levels of lead in your property, we can help. We can also offer verification on recommendations you’ve already received or a new estimate for lead removal, or lead abatement. Just contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a lead risk assessment along with helpful advice.